Civil law
and enforcement law

We advise and represent clients in the field of all categories of civil law, which regulates relations between natural persons, between legal persons, and in combination between natural persons and legal persons. These are relationships that relate to rights and obligations in relation to property, family relationships and inheritance (divorce, child custody, sales contracts, gift contracts, exchange contracts, life annuity contracts, usufruct contracts, conveyance deeds etc.).

In the mentioned areas, we can help you with advice, drafting of various contracts, agreements, wills etc.

We also represent you in negotiations, in courts of all jurisdictions, in front of administrative authorities, or independently conduct proceedings on your authority in the following special areas:

  • Compensation claims;
  • Family relationships;
  • Inheritance matters;
  • Property protection;
  • Land registry matters.

We advise clients and represent them in enforcement procedures either on the basis of authentic documents (e.g. invoices) or enforceable titles (e.g. final judgments) with the aim of achieving the fastest and most efficient repayment of claims or enforcement of rights.


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