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Company and corporate law

We provide counselling and represent clients in various categories of corporative and economic matters.

In the field of legal status, we can help with company incorporations, management, mergers, acquisitions, split-offs and other changes in the status of various legal entities. We offer legal counselling in the drafting of legal acts in companies and preparing documentation for general assemblies, which we also conduct upon request. We also provide counselling in exercising the rights of members or shareholders with an emphasis on the delimitation of competences and responsibilities of the management or control board members.

We advise our clients in the field of contract law, help them in preparing a wide range of commercial contracts, shareholders’ and option agreements and in negotiations for closing such agreements, as well as in disputes relating to the realisation of agreed rights and obligations.

We organize and implement through legal audits in commercial companies.

Furthermore, we offer legal assistance and counselling on other specialist areas of commercial law, which include:

  • International company law
  • Competition law
  • Trade law
  • Securities law
  • Banking, insurance, investment funds and management companies law
  • Registration law

Patents, models and brands

Protection of inventions, trademarks, designs and copyright is becoming increasingly important in the modern business environment. In the field of intellectual property, we advise our clients from the early start of intellectual property creation and represent them in matters related to exercising and protecting their rights. In cooperation with foreign experts, we organize and ensure the protection of rights abroad. In the field of intellectual property law, we represent clients in negotiations and conduct operations in the following specialist areas:

  • Representation in procedures involving the establishment and preservation of intellectual property rights with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, the EU Office for intellectual property (European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Representation in domain disputes
  • Preparation of license agreements, and agreements on the transfer of know-how
  • Consultations in the process of acquiring/transferring copyright
  • Entry of licenses in registers kept at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office
  • Preparation of copyright contracts

Insolvency law

We represent and provide counselling to both bankruptcy receivers as well as creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, (simplified) compulsory settlement proceedings, preventive restructuring proceedings and proceedings involving the clearing of companies from court registers. We also provide counselling as to when to choose one of the procedures and which procedure is best fitted for in a concrete example.

We provide counselling in bankruptcy proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings against legal persons, personal bankruptcy and the process of legacy bankruptcy), (simplified) compulsory settlement proceedings, and the winding up proceedings (clearance from a court registry without going into liquidation, compulsory liquidations).

Companies are provided with counselling in the preparation of preventive measures to avoid factors that can cause insolvency. Customers who do business with debtors who find themselves in financial difficulties and creditors in all types of insolvency proceedings are advised how, when and in what way to declare and protect their claims.

In the field of insolvency law, we represent clients in negotiations or conduct operations independently upon authorisation in the following specialist areas:

  • Bankruptcy proceedings against a legal person
  • Personal bankruptcy proceedings
  • Bankruptcy legacy proceedings
  • Procedure for deletion from the court register without going into liquidation
  • Simplified compulsory settlement proceedings
  • Preventive restructuring proceedings
  • Voluntary or compulsory winding-up proceedings

Constitutional, administrative and international law

We represent clients before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia as well as before administrative courts, making sure their fundamental constitutional rights are protected. In addition, we represent clients before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. Specifically, we represent in negotiations or conduct operations independently under an authorisation in the following specialist areas:

  • Representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Preparation and lodging of constitutional appeals
  • Lodging proposals for the assessment of constitutionality in regulations and general acts
  • Lodging proposals for suspending the implementation of regulations
  • Representation in administrative disputes before administrative courts
  • Lodging proposals for issuing temporary decrees

Today, the increasing complexity of everyday life is reflected in complex administrative procedures emerging in a variety of areas. We deliver services for our clients and protect their interests in proceedings before ministries, administrative units and municipal authorities:

  • In the field of spatial planning: acquisition of approvals and building permits
  • In the field of operating societies, non-profit organizations and institutes
  • In the field of arranging status for foreigners: obtaining visas and residence or work permits
  • In the field of the operation of inspectorates

Civil law and enforcements

We advise and represent clients in all matters of civil law governing the relationship among natural persons and among legal entities as well between natural persons and legal entities. These relationships relate to the rights and obligations concerning property, family relations and inheritance (divorce, allocation of children custody, sales contracts, gift contracts, exchange contracts, lifelong caregiver contracts, contracts on care and maintenance of older farmers on their own farms, handover contracts etc.).

In these fields, we can help with counselling or drawing up various contracts, agreements, wills etc. We also represent clients in negotiations or before courts and administrative bodies or conduct operations independently under an authorisation in the following specialist areas:

  • Damage claims
  • Family relations
  • Hereditary legal matters
  • Property protection
  • Land registry matters

We advise and represent clients in enforcement procedures either on the basis of authentic instruments (e.g. invoices) or enforcement titles (e.g. a final judgement) with the aim of recovering claims or enforcing rights as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Public procurements

The field of public procurement is gaining on importance as more and more companies generate parts of their income on the basis of public procurements, while on the other hand, legislation in this field constantly keeps changing and adapting to the EU law. We advise clients at all stages of the process, ranging from the initial establishment of fairness in public tenders to providing accuracy in selecting the best bidder either before the contracting authority or before the National Review Commission for Reviewing Public Procurement Procedures.

Labour law and social security law

We provide counselling in the field of labour law, prepare contracts, legal papers and rules in this field, and perform comprehensive consulting services on individual and collective labour matters, representing clients before the labour and social courts. In addition, we provide advice to companies on how to avoid any potential labour law disputes with employees. In this field, we can help with the following matters:

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Creation and changes to job systematisations
  • Preparation of general legal acts of the employer
  • Advice on the process of termination of employment contracts

Sports law

We advise professional athletes and their agents, sports organizations, clubs, sponsors and organizers of sports events. We offer legal assistance in drafting articles of association, rules and contracts made with professional athletes as well as in the preparation and negotiations for the conclusion of different agreements. We represent professional sportsmen and clubs in legal disputes and arbitration cases as well as other procedures for exercising their rights:

  • Preparation of contracts in the field of sports activities between clubs, professional sportsmen and representatives, and provision of legal advice in this field
  • Legal review of existing contracts and the preparation of amendments
  • Counselling concerning the rights of professional athletes
  • Counselling and preparation of contracts on media rights in relation to sports
  • Preparation of contracts for the sponsorship of sporting events
  • Counselling about damage liability of athletes, clubs and organisers
  • Representation in disputes on doping cases in sports and other disputes in this field

Criminal law and criminal offences

Since criminal law is inextricably linked with other areas of law (e.g. contributes therefore, economic and civil law), it is by no means enough that the attorney specialises in criminal law to successfully defend and represent a client at the police or in courts, as an in-depth knowledge and experience in other areas of the law is absolutely necessary. The complex knowledge of our experts upgraded by an individual approach taken towards each case is strictly necessary for successful representation of our clients in the pre-litigation and criminal proceedings and in offence proceedings.

Arbitration and out-of-court dispute settlements

We organise and provide representation and counselling in the settlement of disputes by arbitration, mediation, intervention and other forms of alternative dispute resolutions. In this way both national disputes as well as those with an international element can be resolved faster and more economically and independently of the often rigid formal procedures.


We offer a comprehensive legal support and legal advice to start-up companies, as well as the preparation of all relevant contracts and papers. We offer legal support to venture capital funds and angel investors.
Customers are advised in the field of block-chain technology and its implementation in relation to the Slovenian legal business system as well as the applicable legislation.

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